Active Date Ideas

Tired of the old movie and a dinner? Switch it up with some of these active date ideas! Whether both of you’re both into fitness or maybe you’re just getting started, these fun date ideas are great for any couple.

Tennis at the park

This is a great, affordable option if you want to get outside and do something fun with your partner. It may be tough to find a park with a tennis court nearby, so make sure you check Google or Yelp first!


Another awesome way to get out and bond with your partner is doing a hike together. I use the AllTrails app to find hikes near me. If you’re looking for a casual stroll, you can also filter by difficulty. Make sure you bring water either way!

Mini golf

I recently went on a mini golf date with my fiance and had a blast! It’s perfect for beginners and you can go at your own pace.

Batting cages

I’ve never been particularly athletic (I used to sit on the sideline of all the sports in PE), but for some reason I’ve come to love going to batting cages! You’ll usually find a pitching machine that lets you set the speed of the pitch and you try your best to hit it. You can also switch off throwing the ball to each other if you prefer that way. It’s a super fun experience and you’ll definitely be sore the next day!

Indoor rock climbing

Although rock climbing can look intimidating, it’s still a great option for beginners or the experienced. The rocks are color-coded by difficulty, so you can just start on the easiest path and advance as you build up your skill. The only downside is it can get expensive, but really no more than dinner and a movie. Most places in my area have deals on Groupon, so make sure you check there first!

Hope you found something fun to do with your partner and enjoy your date!

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